The Ethiopian Premier League has been suspended indefinitely after a referee was physically assaulted  for allowing a goal to stand. Watch the video below


Match official was chased down the race track and then beaten up by Welwalo Adigrat players for allowing a goal which their goal keepers seems to have fumbled across the line, the score line was 1-1 when the goal keeper made the error.

There was no goal line technology to ascertain if indeed it has crossed the line but according to the rules, official decision in that situation is final but the Welwalo Adgrat players has something else up their sleeves.  They will not accept the referee’s decision and there by proceeded to vex their anger by beating him up.

The match could no longer continue at that point and all matches have now been cancelled in the league till further notice.

There had been several instances of violence in Ethiopian football but the beaten up of match official on his duty is the height of it.

This could have a devastating on Ethiopian football in the long run. The country’s Football Federation officials will meet with the league’s 16 teams on Thursday in an attempt to resolve the volatile situation.



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