Ugandan deputy prime minister fell on his back side while kick starting their football league.

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To kick off the start of the new Ugandan Premier League, the Nation’s deputy prime minister was invited to officially declare the new season open.

As expected he is suppose to kick the ball to declare the season open but the prime minister seems to have forgotten how unfit he was. Surrounded by his entourage of military boys and security operatives he proceeded with his big protruding belly to kick the ball, as he did his standing feet gave way and the honourable prime minister landed on his back side to the amusement of the crowd and his security operatives. it was absolutely hilarious.

The minister lost one his shoes in the process and had to be helped back up to his feet by security operatives around him.

On the bright side, the deputy minister and the security guys seems to enjoy a good laugh out of it as all including the minister were seen laughing in the hilarious video.

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