• Arsenal are fourth in the Premier League, 12 points behind leaders Chelsea
  • Supporter unrest is starting to emerge again after two straight losses
  • Wenger out band wagon singing loud and Arsenal fan T.V on melt down

Two straight defeats now leaving Arsenal 12 points behind Chelsea Premier League leaders, the scrutiny on Arsene Wenger’s position as manager has heightened.

The fragility and the manner at which the team collapsed at Stamford Bridge is a revelation of average and below average players in the team which Arsene Wenger failed to realise or address.

The team lack intensity and passion, too many chocolate cream players in the team with no clear vision or interest in fighting for the club or silverware.

The Frenchman watched from the stands at Stamford Bridge as part of his touchline ban on Saturday and Chelsea ran out 3-1 winners against his team. A team that have not won the Premier League since 2004.

The question now is whether Arsenal will ever win the league again with Wenger at the helm? The sad answer is NO. Arsenal can never win the league again with Wenger at the helm of affairs.

Wenger seems to have his own philosophy and ideas about the game which is no longer relevant in today’s football, The game has gone beyond one system or one way traffic kind of style and Wenger seems blind to see that the goal post has been moved tactically.

The team still lack intensity compared to Chelsea, Liverpool, Man city and even Spurs, Arsenal’s north London rival

Lets see what sport journalist, reporters and pundits have to say about this and below are some of their responses.

ROB DRAPER Daily mail reporter has this to say

“No. I don’t think you can keep doing the same thing and expect to get a different result. Wenger’s legacy and genius should always be recognised. 

But his early title successes were boosted by specific circumstances:

1) inheriting the kind of defence you need to win the Premier League

2) the strength of French football at the time, a market to which he had privileged access

3) an outward-looking and rigorous scouting system which at the time was innovative, but now is standard

4) a less-competitive Premier League where Manchester United and Arsenal could dominate because of revenue streams” 


Well Said Rob, The club sold many great players and failed to replace them but replaced them with less that average players and expect them to perform like a regular stars. Lots of the players now think and behave like super stars because they play for Arsenal but in real sense they are just average players.

Too many dead and average players in the team hence winning any major honour while Wenger is the manager will be impossible.

Players who in my opinion are not good enough for a regular silverware chasing club are in the club and the manager failed to realise this.

Wenger seems unable to fix the problem of too many sub-standard players in the club – Monreal, Coquelin, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey are not good enough.

Carsola should be replaced and let go completely to erase false hopes at the beginning of every season.

Pete cech the goal keeper should be playing from the bench now, too many mistake and errors.

The mid-field is total shambles, Xhaka is a hot head and still not good enough for this league and who else in the middle of the park.

Patrick Viera and Gilberto Silver were never replaced since just like Robert Pires and Thierry Henry


But realistically it’s a no, because if anything Arsenal are getting further away rather than closer to the summit. Only Hector Bellerin and Laurent Koscielny, and possibly Mesut Ozil, would have got anywhere near Wenger’s great sides of the past.

Alexis Sanchez is the current star name but he plays for himself rather than the team. Wenger seems unable to fix the problem of too many sub-standard players – Monreal, Coquelin, Oxlade-Chamberlain – and injuries (Carzola, Ramsey) that always seem to affect Arsenal worse than rivals. It’s hard to see him being one to change.

I would not subscribe to the idea of not spending money I think money was not spent properly on the right player.

Wenger seems to have his own vision or dream of players which does not necessarily fix the problem in the team. Classic example – was the end of last season Ngolo kante was available at around £32million with premier league experience but he chose to pay £35million for Xhaka with no premier league experience and we can all see the difference both players have made to their teams so far.

The club spent around £90 million last summer but I believe the money was not well spent on right players. Gone are the days when Wenger was a genius in the transfer market.

In the beginning of the season he said this TEAM was the best he’s had since he has been at the club….what a statement? that in itself shows the manager has lost it all and have no reason to remain at the club.

Last season was his best bet and they blew it.

MATT BARLOW, Daily mail reporter says

“It’s hard to envisage since Wenger refuses to operate with the same tactical intensity as some rivals or blow the cash necessary to compete for the very best players in the world like others. 

This season’s squad has no shortage of talent and seemed stronger and more robust than others in the years since Arsenal last won the title in 2004 – and yet has been unable to convert this into anything like a meaningful challenge. 

To win the Premier League again, something has to change: spend big to sign established world-class players or deploy a less open style of football. Neither seems likely.”

To win the Premier League again, something has to change: I will say get the right players in and clear out all the dead wood players in the team and also players like Mesut Ozil who don’t care about the team or Football club should be shown the door or get another manager than can make him work for his pay check.


“CHRIS WHEELER – Sport Reporter

No. Even if Wenger was to stay at the Emirates beyond the next two or three years, it’s questionable whether this Arsenal team can win the title. Chelsea, Tottenham and both Manchester clubs appear to be moving forward. Are Arsenal? It has become a depressingly familiar cycle for them, and one that Wenger shows no sign of breaking.”

 “LAURIE WHITWELL Sport reporter


Just can’t see it given the strength of the other title contenders and the likelihood all will improve in the coming seasons. Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, and Maurcio Pochettino are sure to gain more from their sides while I fear Arsenal will stand still – arguably fall back should Alexis Sanchez or Mesut Ozil depart. Arsenal v Norwich City - Premier League

That is before we even consider how Antonio Conte might keep Chelsea on top like he did Juventus, and ponder if Jurgen Klopp can address the issues that are holding back his Liverpool team, so promising earlier this campaign.” 

There are doubts around the long-term future of key player Alexis Sanchez

Arsenal FC v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Champions League

ADAM CRAFTON -Sport reporter says

“No, I don’t think he will because of the quality of opposition in the top six now but also his and Arsenal’s own deficiencies. 

Too many opportunities have been spurned over the years and the frailties of 10 years ago remain the same today.

A culture has developed where not only is second best OK but so too is 3rd or 4th and that is not what sport should be about.” 

SAM CUNNINGHAM – sport journalist says

“No. Arsene Wenger has done great things for football and when he gets going it is wonderful to listen to his opinions on and experiences in the game. 

But I feel he has slipped behind the younger innovators and, whether he leaves this summer or the one after, there is too little time left for him to rectify that. 


There are doubts as to whether Arsenal can go the distance again with Wenger”



“No. Arsenal are in a rut. The last time Wenger won a title was in 2004, when Antonio Conte was still playing. If Chelsea win this year, it will be Conte’s fourth title as a head coach. 

I’m full of admiration for Wenger, but he just doesn’t have the ability to run the Premier League marathon any more. As a result his teams don’t either.”

Fulham v Arsenal

Wenger seems to go into panic mood when he plays younger and more vibrant managers, he has not changed his style of football despite changes in modern football. intensity football is the way to go now and Mr Wenger still can’t comprehend that

The club has failed to mount any meaningful challenge in the champions league since 2006 when they played Barcelona in the finals. The results afterwards has been unbelievablearsenal-champions-league-record

The record has been depressing for a club of that standard, fame, money and stadium. when the club was not able to compete while at Highbury we were told then that moving to a new bigger stadium will make it possible for the club to compete with European Elite clubs but the reverse has been the case since.


The club lost 5-1 to FC Bayern Munchen twice in in 2 years which 10-2 on aggregate.

The management seems alright with the stable money coming in from Arsene’s Micky mouse performance every year and afraid of a change. SPORT, CALCIO: SERIE A  - NOVARA - JUVENTUS Chelsea has changed more than 8 managers in 10 years, won 11 trophies in the process and fans, popularity, brand and sponsorship has grown considerably. Arsenal and the management refused to listen to their fans, they failed to see fans as customers but just football followers who will always be there no matter what

In Conclusion, I can now see why Wenger out Band wagon is gaining momentum and I can now identify with them. Judging by this report and the season result so far I think its about time for Arsene and Arsenal to part ways. Arsene has done a wonderful job for the club over the years but football has now gone beyond his level. He can be deployed to another area in the club and let a younger more vibrant manager takes the helm of things at the club. I can not blame but support the great Arsenal fans on ArsenalFans TV representing the fans worldwide. I do feel for those guys travelling everywhere to support the team.



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