What happened to football in Netherlands.

How the mighty has fallen completely flat. Holland is one of the football power house of Europe and even the world and it has been everyone’s second team in major competitions for many years, be it Euro championships or the world cup.

It’s hard to believe that this is the country that has produced so many great players in years gone by, from the 60’s to 2010 world cup when they ended up as a runners up in South Africa. Great players like Macho van basten, ruud Gulit, Edgar Davis, Van neusteroy, Ronald koeman, great Denis Birgham, Patric Kluivet, seedolf, Van Persie and the De-boar brothers. .. the list goes on. To see the team now as they are is a very worrying and sad time for every football fan or lovers across the world.

World cup runners up on 3 occasions, great performances and some great individual and technical players, but all along the dutch forgot one very important knowledge of the game to pass on to their players which is winning mentality.

All the years the team has been successful and joy to watch, they have not managed to win any major honours. The nation seems to have concentrated too much on producing highly technical players and forgot about winning mentality.

ITALIA 90′ World Cup finals WAS a time they had the world best array of stars, every position on the team was class of individual playing on top of their games in big clubs around Europe.

Ajax Football club was very popular in European competition with fantastic and technically gifted players. That year I was very young and i had every Holland players picture on my wall and on paper they look unbeatable but when the tournament started lots of things happened in the camp, players sent home, players fighting one another and all sorts happened. At the end as usual they crashed out with all the biggest names in the game. Rajkaard, gulit, Koman, Van Basten,

The team is not going to qualify for world cup 2018, and never qualified for Euro 2016 either. But the worrying thing is how flat and leggy the team is right now, they are not good going forward, the midfield is absolutely shocking and defence or backline is unbelievably poor and unorganised.

The team now which is the best they have is the poorest group of players to come out of the Netherlands.

The country of total football to total rubbish. The best of Netherlands right now is just no way near a team from Netherlands. The score line against Belarus of 3 – 1 was totally flattering and against the run of play.

What happened in Holland? Have they changed system that didn’t work for them?

European Club football

We have not seen a good run from a dutch team in the champions league or Europa UEFA league in a while. So this death of dutch football is not sudden, it has been long coming to say the list.

The best player in the team now is a 33 year old Arjen Robben of Bayern Munich. At some stage they had to call back Van Persie to the team, Ryan Babbel back in the team and a long way off a player to be playing at this level.

Lots of players in the first team now would probably be ball boys for the real team when the Netherlands football was where it should be or at its best.

Is the youth system is not working or producing right players? What exactly is wrong with dutch football. The league needs serious investment and complete over haul as it has seriously gone down the pecking order in European football.

They have good manger but managers can only work with the materials on ground and at this time there is not a lot of quality in the team. It’s not like club football where managers can just go out and buy better players, thats not possible with national team. They have also lost a lot of players to other countries due to dual nationality stuff but all in all the team need new players which unfortunately can’t be manufactured.

It’s time for Netherlands to go back to the drawing board and re-invent their football.



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