LaLiga president Javier Tebas has confirmed the video assistant referee (VAR) will be implemented in Spainish LaLiga come next season.

“There will be VAR in the league next season,” he announced on Tuesday.

Tebas had previously been against the system, saying it was too expensive

In September it was announced that VAR will be tested in the Copa del Rey and if successfull, will be used across LaLiga for the 2018/19 season.

However, that decision has been made earlier than expected: VAR will be used in the upcoming rounds of the Copa del Rey and will definitely feature in LaLiga next season.

There has been controversy in the Bundesliga and Serie A this season, where a VAR is already being used.

It will take a bit of time before football get used to the idea of stopping the match for a VAR decisions. At the same time it’s crucial since football has gone beyond the level of entertainment and into serious business, decisions now needs to be spot on.

There is a thin line between success and failure now in the game, players and managers are under a lot of pressure to deliver results there by giving absolutely almost no room for error.



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