German foorball ia usually very good with near perfect ownership structure and a fantastic and robust fan based culture, which makes it attractive for fans to watch watch their favourable teams easily.

In Germany, tickets to watch top-class football are very reasonable compare to England.

This can present a problem for German fans when they travel abroad for European games as it’s with Bayern’s Champions League trip to Anderlecht on Wednesday.

Clubs fans led by two major fan groups, Red Pride and Schickeria München, are boycotting the match in protest of high ticket prices.

Anderlecht’s official prices for away fans have been set at €100 and while Bayern are subsidising the actual cost, fans are still expected to shell out €70 to attend the match.

€100 for a ticket for away fans is way over the top.

Schickeria München also warned in a statement that: “WITHOUT FANS FOOTBALL IS NOT WORTH A PENNY.”

Several fans protested with banners during Bayern’s 3-0 Bundesliga win over Augsburg on Saturday.

Their signs referenced a Uefa rule stipulating that away prices should not exceed those for comparable seats in the home end.

One banner read. “The paper your regulations are written on is not worth a penny!”

Here is what the regulation says “Uefa Art 19: The ticket price for away fans must not exceed the price for comparable tickets for home fans,”

Let’s hope this will act as a wake up call for UEFA and the various European Leagues football associations for treating sport fans as if they are nothing.


For brands to continue their partnership with the game, they need the fans in the stadium as well for maximum engagement and exposure.

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