Former Chelsea technical director Michael Emenalo finally explained the rationale behind his decision to leave the Blues after 10 years with the club.

There have been many reports and speculations since his departure at Chelsea that the 52-year-old Nigerian left his position at Stamford Bridge because of a transfer bust-up.

But while having an interview with Talksport, Emenalo who has since joined French club Monaco claimed he wanted a new challenge after a decade in London with the reigning Premier League champions.

”The first thing to make clear is that Chelsea Football Club is built on the premise that it can survive without any particular individual or group of individuals. “It’s a club that is very solid and stable, so me leaving or anybody leading will not affect anything that happens at the club, at least so I hope, and I think was a part of the aspect of the policy.

“Nothing happened. I had a wonderful ten years at Chelsea, with positive pressure and a lot of things that happened. “I just felt that things were in place and things looked very solid and very stable and I needed a new challenge.

“When you’ve been at a place for so long, I haven’t really had a chance to step out and breathe and see what’s out there. “I have been very focused on everything Chelsea and it just came to a time, right bang on ten years, where I felt it was time for me to go and do something else.” Emenalo explained.

It’s difficult to believe any man can just drop a stable job, winning team and a familiar environment for a new job, team and country just because of the desire for a new challenge. But that’s what he said and it’s what it’s.

We wish him good luck with the French team.

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