Three goals from Alexis Sanchez, Granit Xhaka and Mesut Ozil sent Arsenal fans into pandemonium and Twitter into meltdown.

It was a classic premier league game on Saturday between Arsenal FC and Liverpool FC. Arsenal as usual started the game extremely slow and uncoordinated while Liverpool “Fab 4” and the rest started on a front foot.

From an entertainment point of view it had everything – great goals, mistakes and attacking play.

For the first 50 minutes Liverpool were superior in every way. Arsenal could not keep the ball long enough to worry them at one end and when Liverpool broke forward the home team were so fecklessly disorganised it was almost pitiful.

Liverpool should have won it. They were the better team for two-thirds of the game. But then, incredibly, Arsenal could have won it on the back of three goals in five breathless second-half minutes.

There was a certainly a lack of quality at the back yet the attacking talent on display helped conjure up a match which will be watched in highlights packages for years to come. And the event as it unfolded over 94 absorbing minutes in north London was undoubtedly the perfect Christmas present for football fans all over the world.

It was the perfect advertisement for the Premier League, which is just so frenetic that it cannot help but produce an abundance of errors and even more excitement.

Managers Reaction


“The good thing is that overall we did not give up,” said Wenger. “The spirit is fantastic. On that front, I am proud of the players.

“It shows a strong mentality. We have the capacity to respond. What you want is for the team to realise that we have to start from the first minute.

“More for people who love football, let’s give credit to the creative force. If you have no shots on goal the defences look good but that is not what people want to see.”


But Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp said his side should have won having scored three times at the Emirates.

“It is difficult to explain, we should be three, four even five-nil up before we don’t defend a cross. It feels really strange,” said Klopp.

“A point at Arsenal is a good result for most teams in the world, but it feels not too good at the moment.

“We made mistakes on both sides of the game but it is unlikely to win 6-3 or something at Arsenal.

Liverpool had nine shots on target and could have taken a greater lead into the break, with Sadio Mane, Salah and Firmino missing chances.

Liverpool didn’t take all of their chances but three goals should be enough say the manager.

Arsenal, meanwhile, converted the first three of their four efforts on target.

Arsenal were not in the game apart from 10 minutes which they scored in five of them. Arsenal have not been in a lot of games this season and have already lost too many games for them to be any force in the league.

In the end, nobody was good enough to win it and that felt about right. Neither of these teams are consistently capable to bother the scorers at the very top of the table but on nights like this we could watch them until they turn the floodlights off.

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