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Antonio Conte Branded Mourinho a little man. Conte responded to Mourinho dig at him earlier by saying he prefers to act in a “mature” manner on the touchline, rather than behaving like a “crazy” or “Clown”.

In his response, he suggested Mourinho was suffering from memory loss having done such or been guilty of exuberant antics on the sidelines too.

Every football fan in this country can remeber the champions league semifinal win over Manchester United at old Trafford when Mourinho was at FC Porto, his sidelines antics on the night was less than desirable.

Mourinho even taunted Conte with match fixing suspension he got way back in Italy to which, he was later acquitted of all charges.

‘Its very difficult to answer to this type of comment because I think when a person’s target is to offend, to insult another person, I think that you’re a little, little man” Conte said after the match at Carrow Road as reported by sky news.

I think that we all know him from the past and he’s always the same.

He said life goes on and he’s not worried about the little man Mourinho.

Now we have found a manager that can match pound for pound with Mourinho in the premier league. Bravo. …

There is always limit to mind games and constant ‘me against the world’ strategy adopted by the Man United manager.

Over the years he has insulted Wenger to an unbelievable level and got away with it, he was always at war with Benitez and various other managers, now it’s Conte. Well Conte seems a perfect match from the look of things.

Bring it on…… Mourinho



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