Manchester United, once the epitome of footballing success under the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson, has faced a challenging transition period since his departure in 2013. In this analysis, we will examine whether the club can return to its “glory-glory” days, explore the club’s actions since Ferguson’s exit, and evaluate the roles of the Glazers in reshaping Manchester United’s fortunes. We will also delve into the influence of the fans in the club’s recent struggles.

The Ferguson Legacy

A Remarkable Reign

Sir Alex Ferguson’s tenure at Manchester United was nothing short of extraordinary. Over 26 years, he secured 13 Premier League titles, two UEFA Champions League trophies, and a host of other domestic and international honors. His ability to rebuild and rejuvenate teams was unparalleled.

The Impossible Standard

Ferguson’s success created an immense legacy and set an almost impossible standard for his successors. His tactical acumen, man-management skills, and sheer force of personality made him a unique figure in the footballing world.

Manchester United Since Ferguson

Managerial Changes

After Ferguson’s retirement, the club went through a series of managerial changes. David Moyes, Louis van Gaal, and José Mourinho all took the helm, each with their own approach and philosophy. While Mourinho did secure some silverware, none were able to replicate the consistency and success of the Ferguson era.

Youth Development and Recruitment

Manchester United has invested heavily in youth development and player recruitment. The club has brought in promising talents like Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood, aiming to recreate the tradition of nurturing homegrown talent.

Commercial Success

Off the field, the club has enjoyed commercial success, with numerous lucrative sponsorship deals and a growing global fan base. Manchester United consistently ranks among the top-earning football clubs in the world.

The Role of the Glazers

Ownership Controversy

The Glazer family’s ownership of Manchester United has been a subject of controversy and protests among fans. Critics argue that their focus on financial profit has sometimes overshadowed the club’s on-field success.

Investment and Transfer Policy

While the Glazers have invested in the club’s commercial growth, some fans believe that they haven’t always provided sufficient funds for player acquisitions and squad improvement, leading to on-field struggles.

The Future

The Glazers’ role in the club’s future remains a topic of debate. Some fans hope for more substantial investment in the squad, while others want greater fan ownership and involvement in the club’s decision-making.

The Role of the Fans

Protests and Unrest

In recent years, Manchester United fans have voiced their dissatisfaction through protests, particularly against the Glazers’ ownership. The failed European Super League (ESL) proposal in 2021 ignited widespread protests and renewed calls for fan involvement in club governance.

Influence on Ownership

The power of the fans was evident in the aftermath of the ESL debacle, with the Glazers issuing an apology and pledging to engage more with supporters. The events underscored the influence of passionate fans in shaping the club’s direction.

Unity and Expectations

United fans remain united in their desire to see the club return to the summit of English and European football. Expectations are high, and many supporters believe that the club can regain its glory days with the right decisions and investments.


The question of whether Manchester United will return to the glory days of Sir Alex Ferguson is one that looms large over the club. While the transition since Ferguson’s departure has been challenging, the club has taken steps to rebuild and invest in youth development. The role of the Glazers remains a topic of debate, with fans seeking a balance between financial success and on-field achievements.

The influence of the fans, as seen in protests and calls for greater fan involvement, is a testament to the enduring passion and love for the club. Their collective voice will continue to play a crucial role in shaping Manchester United’s future. Ultimately, while the road to glory may be arduous, the club’s rich history and unwavering support provide hope that the “Red Devils” will rise again to reclaim their place among football’s elite.

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