Performing in her beloved Houston Rockets colours

The pop star who is originally from Houston, Texas, is reportedly interested in buying a minority stake in the Houston Rockets NBA franchise.

Beyonce is an ever present Rockets fan and her love for the club is there for all to see, now she is trying to put her money where her hearts is which is brilliant.


 Reportedly as well, the current owner, Les Alexander, wants to sell the team which he purchased in 1993 for $85 million.

Forbes, however, estimates that the value of the team is now as high as $1.65 billion.

Is this a height Beyonce can climb?

 Absolutely yes. According to Forbes, Beyoncé’s net worth is $350 million. Most of her revenue comes from her album sales, music streaming, concert sales, perfume sales, and endorsement deals with companies like L’Oréal and Pepsi. She has also made money as an actress starring in films like Dreamgirls in 2006, Cadillac Records in 2008, and Obsessed in 2009.

More over, her husband Jay-Z is believed to be worth around $810 million, which puts their combined net worth at well over $1 billion.

 Jay-Z’s revenue comes from his album sales, music streaming, his ownership of Tidal, his ownership of Armand de Brignac champagne, and his entertainment company Roc Nation.

Jay-Z also already has a little bit of NBA franchise ownership experience, as he once held a 1 percent stake of the Brooklyn Nets until he sold it back in 2013.


Even though the team hasn’t won an NBA championship since 1995, they are a very popular and profitable commodity so will still be a very wise investment for her. Another factor is the inner joy of investing in your beloved club. been part of what you love and believe in is one of the reasons for been super rich


Their home games are always sold out, and viewership of their games have some of the highest ratings in the NBA. Even more, they just acquired Chris Paul and signed a long-term contract with James Harden.

The team popularity overseas — particularly in China – also adds great value to the franchise.



How it could inspire other women


 Experts say that if Beyonce did invest in the team, it would make her the most iconic celebrity owner in the league.

Even more, she would become the first well-known woman ever to invest in a sports team.

Traditionally, NBA teams have been predominantly owned and controlled by men.



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