2006 Champions League Final Match.


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This is arguably the greatest nights in Arsenal football club History.

The night Arsenal football club nearly won the champions league. The night Arsenal was among the summit of European football.

The era that Arsenal football club had real players, men of steal with passion and desire burning in their vain’s.

Men who will never shy away from a battle, men who dont do selfies or ridiculous hair styles.

Men who don’t receive gifts for their dogs, men who were proud to wear the colours of Arsenal.

Top it all, real men unlike the bunch of chocolate cream players of today, who cares more about how their hair looks like in the mirror or how many followers they get on social media than the job of football that puts them in the lime light.

World football is now full of money chasing players and egocentric wanna be’s who more often than not think they are much better than they really are.

Now Arsenal is full of deadwood players, over priced and over hyped players who can not hold their own when the table turns on a field of play.

Enroute the final Arsenal defeated Real Madrid Galaticos at home in Santiago bernabeu by a goal from that man Thierry Henry, and also defeated Jeventus at home in Italy by alone goal scored by the then Arsenal sensational teenager, Cesc Fabrigas. It was a wonderful night in Turin.

The most wonderful and spectacular night of all was the final its self in Stade de France. Two great attacking team and the match was every bit worth the trouble of travelling to France with no real hope of getting into the Stadium. It was like a festival and I will never forget the experience.

Buying a ticket off somebody in France was super expensive but it was worth the trouble of witnessing the night the very best of Arsenal nearly won the champions league.

The question now is simple, will Arsenal fans ever witness such a night again?

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