Giroud’s unbelievable France stats is way ahead of Henry and Zidane yet confused Wenger has no faith in his ability.

He has got Arsenal out of jail so many times with important (can never forget that header at old Trafford to draw Arsenal level) goals coming off the bench. Yes people say he doesn’t have a lot of movement in the box, what’s the point in a lot of movement in the box like Danny Welbeck when you can’t score goals.

Giroud is also very strong in and around the box, he brings other player into play. The french national team manager recognised his qualities and he used them well for rhe team.

ANTHONY Griezmann benefits a lot from playing alongside Giroud in the national team.

He’s not flamboyant and does not do eye catching stuff like Ozil or Sanchez but he does his job as required. Qualities which are not recognised by Wenger, Wenger never play to Giroud’s strengths, Arsenal keeps the ball on the ground most times and never really put much crosses into the box which is Giroud’s strength.

Arsenal will only put crosses in the box when chasing a game at the last 15 Minutes, that’s when they normally bring Giroud on and that’s when he usually gets them out of jail with important goals.

His goals are just classic for both club and country. Come on, you don’t win best goal in world football if you don’t really know what you’re doing.

It wasn’t a one off as we saw the lone goal scored in Europa cup in Belgrade.

Olivier Giroud’s goal for France on Friday evening was his 29th at international level, pulling him clear as the nation’s seventh top goalscorer of all time.

The runaway leader remains Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, who scored 51 times for his country, but Giroud’s fantastic form for Les Bleus means he scores more regularly for the national team than Henry managed.

Giroud’s 29 goals have come in 69 caps, with him scoring a goal every 0.42 games. Henry took 123 caps to reach his 51-goal record, an average of a goal every 0.41 appearances.

With just two more goals for the national team, Giroud would leapfrog France legends Jean-Pierre Papin and Just Fontaine (both 30 goals) to join a certain Zinedine Zidane in fourth place.

Oh, and it took Zizou 106 caps to reach that. Perhaps Olivier truly is ‘the best’.

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I regard him as the most underrated striker in world football. In Arsenal last season people complained he wasn’t scoring enough but they tend to forget the bases of it, faith, the manager don’t have that in him. The manger would leave him on the bench and play Sanchez or even Danny Welbeck upfront which to me is criminal. Giroud is not only a focal point he also beings others into play. He hold the boy well and strong enough to withstand any premier league defenders.

In Arsenal last away March at Man City, confused Wenger decided to play Sanchez up front against one of the strongest defence in the league and we all know the result of that. Sanchez about the smallest player in the Arsenal ranks to play against Otemendi and Stone is asking for trouble away at Etihad Stadium, but such is Wenger state of mind these days which is questionable.

Giroud need to move to another club where he would be appreciated and trusted by a manager who actually knows what he’s doing.

If and when Giroud draws the curtain over north London I will support his move and wish him well. I can not understand why he stays with Wenger and Arsenal with the way he’s being treated.

I’m not saying buying Lacazette isn’t good for Arsenal and the fans but in the French national team Giroud is the king, much better tham Lacazztte and more appreciated in the team. Lacazette can’t even get a regular game in the national side, such is the irony of the two Arsenal strikers.

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  1. That’s so true do. Thebguybis not appreciated with all his goals for Arsenal. Got to 100 goals quicker than Van Persie.

  2. Goal ratio better than Thierry and zidane. He reached 100 goals with Arsenal way ahead of people like Van Persie with fewer games. actually he’s the 12th quickest arsenal player to score 100 goals

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