Unai Emery have confirmed himself via his website as the new manager of Arsenal football club to replace Arsene Wenger.

Arteta all through last week and probably weekend was the front runner for the job but as usual the club made a U-turn and decided on a more experienced manager.

Really, a good and well experienced manager is what a big club like Arsenal will need following a long spell of Arsene Wenger to move the club forward.

It has been ridiculous and pathetic on the side of the club for suggesting Patrick Vieira or Mikel Arteta to take over a big club like Arsenal.

Arteta’s appointment could have been a disaster for the club, would have been like the part of Manchester United post Alex Ferguson. The fact that Arteta was an assistant manager to a great manager like Pep Guardiola doesn’t make him good enough for the job needed at Arsenal.

Emery post the confirmation/announcement on his personal website www.unai-emery.com which has since crashed due to unprecedented traffic.

The Spaniard who just parted ways with PSG end of season after very good couple of seasons will sure take the hot seat at the Emirates next season if the website revelation is anything to go by.

We should expect Arsenal FC to officially announce Unai Emery as new manager by tomorrow Wednesday.

Welcome to England. Unai Emery

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