Why would anybody want to risk going to jail or complete ban from old Trafford for a selfie?

Well, that was what this pitch invader did at old Trafford yesterday, during the championship league match between Manchester United and Juventus.

He risked everything for a hand shake and selfie with formal Manchester United star player, Christiano Ronaldo.

While he was being wrestled down by the stewards, Ronaldo managed to sneak a hand shake with the pitch invader.

Ronaldo didnt end there….

He managed to get a selfie with the invader. Priceless for the invader and classic Ronaldo.

But on the flip side, should this kind of thing be allowed in our beautiful game? Should pitch invader be allowed to that level of a selfie with a footballer while a football game is in progress?

The fact that he was allowed or able to even get a selfie is an encouragement for other intending invaders to do the same and also a threat to the safety of football super stars on the field.

This is a dangerous situation developing in our game, how on earth was he allowed to get that close to the Portuguese super star on the field of play and still able to take a selfie with him.

Old Trafford need to review their security management immediately and UEFA need to ask hard questions too.

What signal is this sending out?

Should Ronaldo be taking selfie with a pitch invader?


Any football fan who invaded the pitch while a football game is in progress, there by forcing the game to stop temporarily should be charged and punished severely.

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