UEFA charges Manchester United over pitch invasions

UEFA has just charged Manchester United FC over 2 separate situations of pitch invasions during and after the Champions league match yesterday.

Manchester United played Juventus on Tuesday night at old Trafford which featured United former superstar, Ronaldo.

UEFA rightly acted promptly to charge United for the invasions. There was an invasion during the game which forced the match to stop temporarily, the invader had a hand shake with Ronaldo and even had enough time for a selfie with the superstar on the field of play. Two more individuals invaded the pitch again after the final whistle, all headed for Ronaldo.

EUFA needed to act pretty fast and decisively on the matter otherwise the effect of such precedence on our sports will be immense.

The fact that the invader was able to get a selfie on the pitch with Ronaldo questions the security arrangements in old Trafford, and also raise the serious question safety football’s superstars on the field of play.


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