The return of a genuine No 14 at #arsenal, with pace, power and precision.
Can Arsenal fan genuinely say the team has turned the corners, is this the beginning of a new Thierry Henry style of player? Or is it just another pretender like the ones before him.

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But this guy really is good for the money, he has done it in Germany consistently and can’t see why not in North London.

He has some unbelievable service behind him in Ozil and Mikhi. Ramsey and Jack can also provide good services to him. It must be a dream to play in front of those great guys who can find a striker with a killer pass.
Arsenal still need to sort out their defence thou, it has been conceding too many goals and away record this season is just not good enough. The team also need a very good defensive midfielder, a Patrick Viera or Nkolo Kante kind of player not Xchaka type.
All in all Aubameyang is a good player and a good buy. I said Arsenal should go for him last summer instead of Lacazette but they wouldn’t listen.
But its very good to have the two of them now. Let’s hope the manager can develop a way to accommodate the fab 4 on the field at the same time. Arsenal can do that of they can get a proper defensive midfielder.
The team like I said last week is just two players away from another fantastic team from North London capable of challenging for major honours. 1 Defender and a defensive midfielder that’s all.

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